Bentley Finds a Home
Meet an inspirational Chihuahua in the first of a series of Bentley books for all ages. Follow his journey as he flees abuse and takes advantage of a window of opportunity that joyfully changes his life and the lives of the many people he meets. This story, with colorful chapter illustrations that are realistic yet wondrous, deals with numerous issues, including trust, volunteerism, children's development, parental neglect, and coping with aging. Exciting, entertaining and spiritually uplifting, it was first serialized in October 2003 in the Arizona Daily Star and studied in classrooms with the Newspapers in Education program. On May 12, 2004, the story was nationally recognized in a Literacy Award from the Newspaper Association of America Foundation. (Available in glossy softcover with easy-to-read type, here in the Bentley Store)

Bentley and the Great Fire
In the first sequel for the Bentley series, the Chihuahua sounds the alarm after his part-time home is set on fire, but he learns the blaze is nowhere near as great as the fire that burns within each of us. This story, for all ages, includes action, suspense, and tail-wagging entertainment. As in Bentley Finds a Home, readers encounter several issues, including how a determined individual can overcome adversity. Creative illustrations, including the Orient's Green Dragon, introduce the chapters, serialized in October 2004 for the Arizona Daily Star in an abridged version and studied in classrooms with the Newspapers in Education program. (Available now in unabridged hardcover with easy-to-read type, here in the Bentley Store)

Bentley and the Monstrous Monsoon
In book three of his series, Bentley confronts his fear of the Thunder Man in order to make a lifesaving rescue. The story is exciting (including escape from a flash flood), educational (including information about weather phenomenon known as the Mexican monsoon), and entertaining (including an amazing bingo game, a fanciful fishing expedition, and even a hint of romance).

The story also conveys positive messages about a variety of topics, ranging from consideration for the safety of others to coping with stress to summoning the courage for service. The first chapter of the story was published on September 14, 2005 in the Arizona Daily Star as part of the Newspapers in Education program. (Available now as an e-book, here in the Bentley Store)

NEW: Book Four of the Series
Bentley and the Cactus Rustlers book cover

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The newest story about the Tucson Chihuahua in the Bentley Book Series is “Bentley and the Cactus Rustlers”. This book in the series for all agespromotes the protection of the Tucson region’s desert environment and the preservation of its Western heritage.

The full story is available to order now as a softcover book in the
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Bentley the Chihuahua

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